We believe the most important part of the incentives process is the compliance and administration.  This step takes place "post" award or after the negotiation of the incentives is complete.  Often times a company engages an attorney or site consultant to negotiate the economic incentives package.  Frequently, the amount negotiated can be in the millions of dollars.  Fees are then paid to the consultant, real estate group  or attorney, and the management of the incentives is turned over to the company.  This practice, in our opinion, is not fair or equitable to you.  The administrative challenge and true expertise is needed post award.   


We prefer to be involved in the negotiation or incentive attainment process initially for continuity purposes.  However, our firm is frequently engaged to clean-up and organize the incentives negotiated by another consultant or law firm.  Most of our clients, including several of the Fortune 100, do not have time, expertise or resources to allocate to manage the incentives.  Different from other consultants or law firms,    EIAG actually partners with your company for the life of the incentives program, post award, and manages the compliance and administration.  This means that we actually realize the benefits that have been negotiated.


(According to several studies and surveys, utilization of incentives is less than 12% of the total award available.  Our clients typically achieve 90% + utilization of their incentives.)  




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