The commercial real estate community has been one of our greatest partner relationships. You are representing your client on their next relocation, expansion or renewal. Any time there is this type of activity there is a great chance government incentives are available to your clients.


Government incentives are typically triggered based on the following activity:

• Relocating to a different taxing jurisdiction

• Increases in employee head-counts

• Capital investment made at a new facility

• Investment made in training new workers

There is also a pool of discretionary funds most states have in place to retain a company or attract an out of state employer. You, as their broker, are on the forefront of this activity.

EIAG simply needs the locations under consideration, projected headcounts and cap-ex information if available.

If you are representing Landlords, we can conduct a free analysis to determine if a building is located in an enterprise zone, empowerment community or any other designated area that offers government

incentives. Making tenants aware these benefits are available can make your location more attractive.





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