You are typically your clients’ most trusted advisor. They turn to you for developing tax strategies, compliance and business planning. EIAG would like to compliment your services. We have an initial conference call to understand your service platform. Once it is clear we understand the services you provide, we then leverage our proprietary data base of over 11,000 various grants, tax credits and other business incentives.


We can provide you a report of the available incentives applicable to your client. Some of the programs your firm will be able to deliver, and when you need to augment your service platform, we can either communicate directly with you or with your client.


We value the relationship your firm has built and will take your lead regarding communication. Over the past 18 years, professionals from our firm have secured over $800 million for clients of CPA and accounting firms.

To learn more about our partner program and processes, please contact Bryant Colman at (602) 687.7000 or


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