Case Studies

Case Study #3

Advanced Manufacturing, CA-ETP

Training Grant Administration

Case Study #3 | Training Grant Administration | Advanced Manufacturing, CA-ETP

A leading global provider of orthopedic devices related to rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy was looking to expand product lines. Additionally, the company manufactures and distributes a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products. The company has become the largest non-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation device company in the Unites States and among the largest globally.

As new products were being launched, their southern California employment base required training on new product lines.

The company’s business activities resulted in the combination of two companies with broad orthopedic product offerings in the Unites States and foreign countries. The expenses to train the workforce were absorbent; however, the company needed to move forward to meet market demand. Training budgets were limited.

Economic Incentives Advisory Group (EIAG) met with members of human resources and operations to learn about forecasted training needs and expenses. EIAG informed the client they could tap into as much as $750,000 in job training reimbursement funds. 

The company is now developing a budget knowing the state will reimburse up to $750,000 in job training funds. These funds will help their employees get trained more quickly and the budgets are now in place to deliver the right type of training to meet skill set requirements.

Case Study #4

Mechanical & Electrical Construction Company

Training Grant Administration

Case Study #4 | Training Grant Administration | Mechanical & Electrical Construction Company

A Fortune 500 company with estimated revenues of approximately $7.5B is a leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure and building services. The company is a provider of critical infrastructure systems and maintains those systems.

The company has approximately 35,000 skilled employees and growing. The company has an aim to be recognized a world leader in its field and recognized as one of the world’s best managed and most admired organizations.

The company was experiencing hyper growth in specific markets. As new projects were on the horizon, the company needed to ramp up and train employees in specific and critical areas. The costs of on-boarding and training new and existing personnel were tremendous. The clients demanded specific training be conducted in their fabrication plants. Costs associated were tremendous.

EIAG conducted a study to determine if the company was eligible for funds at the state and local level. Because of the study, EIAG submitted multiple applications are received significant state and city level funding. At the county level, services were offered to provide a job fair, screen applicants and source a talent pool of applicants that met the skill requirements.

The company was able to offset material training costs and sourced more qualified applicants to meet the client demands.

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