Federal and state incentives are available to almost all companies.  Federal programs are more uniform.  The economic benefit and qualification requirements are standardized throughout the country.  The state programs vary state-by-state, qualification requirements are different and the economic benefit include yet not limited to cash, payroll reductions, tax credits, property tax relief, utility discounts, infrastructure abatements, sales and use tax benefits and other forms of economic incentives. 

There are thousands of incentives available at the federal and state level. The incentives available to your company will be determined by a number of factors. These include such things as business location, industry type, equipment purchased, training delivered to employees, and hiring trends.


EIAG will analyze your company, at no cost, and determine if there are incentives that your company is entitled to receive and has not claimed. In some states, a “look-back” is permitted and missed opportunities from prior years can be captured generating a tax refund. There will be other incentives simply based on your current business activity that can be claimed going forward. In these cases, EIAG will develop a process to make it efficient for the client to claim future benefits. For the cash programs, checks will be issued to your company. For the tax credit programs, reporting will be coordinated with your CPA/Accounting firm so your company can realize the benefits on your quarterly estimated tax payments or final return.




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