It has become about human capital. People are the most important part of an organization and we have experienced more technology advancements in the area of managing human capital than ever before.


The systems and technology range from recruiting and on-boarding, talent management, training to the exit interview stage of employment. Many of the savvy HRIS groups are now recognizing that government incentives are awarded based on job growth, wage increases, employment training, career advancement and other factors. Often times the federal government and states will award companies based on human capital initiatives. In essence,

there is an untapped gold mine in the data.


EIAG can intersect at various points of an HRIS system to generate revenue for the company. Below are just a few examples:

On-boarding systems:

EIAG can screen the job applicant for 152 different hiring credits

including the WOTC program.


Learning Management Systems (LMS):

Most states offer some form of training reimbursement programs that range from $25,000 - $1.2 million per employer. The company is most frequently reimbursed based on training activity and costs.

Payroll Systems:

Most states will award an employer for creating net new jobs. The payroll information permits EIAG to run calculations and perfect the paperwork based on payroll information.

Benefit Plans:

A great portion of states require that the employer pay a portion of health benefits to qualify for the job creation grants and tax credits.


Above are just a few examples of how our services intersect with the HRIS world. If positioned properly, the government funds we generate will pay for your systems many times over – making you look like a true partner to your client.


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