When a company is increasing employee head-count at a current location or expanding operations elsewhere, it is the optimal time to evaluate government-business incentives. States and cities are highly motivated to retain companies within their taxing jurisdictions or attract a new expansion. The purpose of government-business incentives is to mitigate costs associated with the expansion and make it more attractive for a company to expand in a specific location. EIAG helps clients identify, administer and secure the incentives associated with the expansion.

We possess expert negotiating strategies and educate economic development officials on the project’s specific objectives, time-lines, tax positions, budgets, and operating needs. We negotiate and secure an

incentives package that is specifically tailored to your company’s tax position and operational objectives.


Most importantly, what differentiates EIAG from the other consultants in the field, is our direct involvement through the life of your incentives package. We manage the compliance and administration of the program so you are not left with mounds of compliance paperwork. We remain your partner until you realize the benefits.  This is something most other consultants will not do.




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