Training incentives are a core offering provided to businesses at the Federal, state, county and local levels.  The purpose of this type of incentive is to award and encourage employers to invest in training their workforce.  Most employers are not aware these funds are available to them; and when there is some level of familiarity, they believe the administrative requirements and too burdensome to pursue.     

We research, manage and administer training grants, credits and pay-for- performance programs across the U.S.  The benefit to an employer can range from $25,000 to $5 million depending on the state, county and city where your company has a presence. 

The economic benefit for the employer, depending on location, comes in the form or cash or tax credits.  Prior to engaging on a project, we will forecast the economic benefit and provide an overview of the administration.  Once your company is approved for the funding or credits, we assign project managers to administer the program and attain maximum benefit.  Most clients then continue to apply for the funding year-over-year.  




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